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Commerial Real Estate | 1500 Leestown Road | (859) 254-5755

I was a tenant at two other locations prior to moving into the Bakhaus Building in 1989. I have been Winmar Corporation’s tenant in the Bakhaus Building ever since. The Bakhaus Building is the best-managed and most secure location I have experienced. The staff is first-rate and responsive to my slightest needs. Its location is convenient to any highway in Lexington and for access to downtown Lexington. Any business should seriously consider the Bakhaus Building for its lease needs.

L. W. Myers | Attorney at Law | President of Startup/Restart Inc.

To Whom It May Concern: This is to state our satisfaction with our space and the management of Winmar Corporation. We have been leasing with Winmar since 2004. The Council of Churches leased a smaller space in this building many years ago and came back when we were looking for space again in 2004. The building and lots are kept in good repair and management is prompt if any maintenance is needed. Snow removal is excellent. Security is good. We have had no problems. Parking is good. Our constituency is always impressed with the building. We have particularly enjoyed the area and easy access to Frankfort routes. Since we are a statewide organization, it is important for us to have ease of access in and out of the city and this location is easy to find for those coming to us from across the state. Our satisfaction rate has been high with the Bakhaus building and Winmar management.

J. Hartman | Kentucky Council of Churches